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What ever your need Banuelos carpet cleaning service is ready to serve you. With 25 years of experience we are the experts in Ventura. We have truck mount equipment and over 1200 psi in our system to make sure we get even the toughest stains. Our best advertising is from our customers. Give us a call and let our professional staff make your carpet look like new again. Banuelos - The experts in carpet care!

Banuelos Carpet Cleaner

Ventura, CA

Seeking Expert Advice About Hiring A Carpet Cleaner? Read This

TIP! Make sure you research the available carpet cleaning businesses prior to hiring one. Look for reviews from customers and do some research.

One of the first things people notice about your home is cleanliness of your floors. It’s hard to keep carpeting clean, and you may be better off hiring someone to clean it for you. Keep reading for what you need to know about finding a carpet cleaning professional.

TIP! Do your research so that you can feel secure in the cleaning company you choose. You should be satisfied with the services you receive.

During vacuuming, divide the floor into sections to make vacuuming easier. To help you get the job done efficiently vacuum a section at a time. If the room being vacuumed is square, divide the room into four equal sections.

TIP! Before hiring a carpet cleaning company, make sure they actually have an office. Being able to go into an actual business can sometimes help you to have your issues addressed and resolved much quicker.

Don’t use a lot of heat when you need to clean a carpet. Heat can often damage a carpet’s quality, especially in carpets with a lot of color or made of delicate material. When trying to clean a heavy stain in the carpet, this can particularly be a problem.

TIP! Before using any cleaning supplies on your carpet, test a small area. Make sure that the company you hire to clean your carpet tests a small area first.

Watch out for cleaning services that advertise by the room or that contact you by phone. Remember that rooms come in many sizes. Reliable professionals will give you a quote in relation to the size of your carpet and how dirty it is.

TIP! If you can’t get a stain out of your carpet, you may want to get a professional. Professional cleaners have quality equipment and products they can use to get rid of tough stains such as red wine, wax or blood.

When you have new carpet laid in your home, have them cleaned. Some carpets possess chemicals to help preserve their quality. Get rid of these chemicals by having your carpets professionally cleaned.

TIP! Shampoo your dirty carpet with a mixture of vinegar and warm water. It is a simple but effective method.

Good carpet cleaners guarantee their work. If the company you are considering does not provide any guarantees for their work, take your business elsewhere. If you are not happy with the results and need to enforce the guarantee, allow the company to first try to fix the problem. If you don’t like the job the second time, demand a refund.

TIP! Carpet cleaners should be licensed by the IICRC. This is a recognized certification form in the carpet cleaning world.

If you have children and/or pets, then it’s likely that your carpets are not the cleanest. Do not hesitate to keep using the same carpet cleaner if you are satisfied with the results you get the first time. Keep the tips in mind, and you’ll be able to locate a suitable person, whatever the stains involved.

Weight Loss Secrets You Already Know

Weight Loss Secrets You Already Know

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Weight Loss dreams in the spring are as predictable as April showers.
Those who have put on a few extra holiday and winter pounds realize the annual bikini season is almost upon us and have a fear of having to bear it all at the beach. Without the ability of having to drown their sorrows in food (which pretty much put them in this banana boat anyway) weight loss hopefuls look for ways to make the weight magically disappear.

Weight loss season is the start of a whole new holiday season for retailers. Books about the newest weight loss fads fly off the shelves. Diet pills and diet pill supplements sell out at the pharmacy. Health and fitness magazines like Shape and Prevention start to outsell the ever popular celebrity weeklies.

The most astonishing part of this whole phenomenon is that weight loss hopefuls seek answers to a question that they already know the answer to. Like the exasperated parent, who must repeat things just one more time, I will give you the not so secret secrets to weight loss. It will not cost you a penny at the pharmacy or the bookstore, it is absolutely free.

Weight Loss Secret #1

Lay off the ice cream, cookie dough, deep fried Twinkies, well you get the point. It is not just the sweets but they are a big culprit. In general you need to burn more calories than you are taking in. Cookies and the like are really high in calories. Try choosing foods with fewer calories, the fewer calories you take in the less you have to burn.

Foods like lean meats and vegetables are low in fat and calories. So have the broccoli (without the melted cheese of course), Make a nice big salad your best friend. Salad will never steer you wrong unlike fair-weather friends fat and grease.

Weight Loss Secret #2

Move away from the keyboard. I repeat, move away from the keyboard. You will never, ever be able to burn the desired amount of calories by surfing the net and instant messaging.

There are quite a few ways to get moving. Clean the house mow the lawn, its spring so start spring cleaning. A better idea is to take the kids to the park and enjoy the weather. Get into it, jump rope, play baseball maybe a little catch. Don’t be bothered by the heavy breathing and wheezing. This will subside after you’ve done it a few times.

You don’t have kids? Take the dog to the park and play Frisbee. Don’t have a dog? Borrow a friend’s for the day. If that doesn’t work out go to the park and play with the pigeons. They love to run and exercise and there are always plenty of them around in the park to play with.

Another solution is to do what millions of other people do. Go to the one place that is bearable for only 2-3 months of the year – the gym. There, while working out you can and will meet those just as reluctant to be there as you and together you can commiserate on the cruel twist of genetic fate that has brought you to such a pass. The exercise will do you good. You’ll make new friends and start to feel better. An added bonus is that walking up long flights of stairs will no longer be such a chore.

So there you have it the not so secret secrets to weight loss. Read the article, follow my tips, they will work of course. Tuck this article away until you need some inspiration again. See you next spring.

Find The Top 8 Carpet Extractors

Find The Top 8 Carpet Extractors

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Carpet extractors are an excellent method of basic economical in depth carpet cleaning.
Carpet extractors will clean your entire carpet, remove spots and stains, keep high traffic areas clean, and they’ll even clean your upholstery and drapery. Here are the top 8 carpet extractors.
1. Dirtdevil Featherlight Carpet Extractor
The dirtdevel featherlight is a lightweight and very portable carpet extractor. Comes with a 5 brush nozzle system which will gently clean your carpets and the powerful vacuum will dry the carpets quickly. It has a 1 gallon reservoir for your cleaning solution, and a nice wide nozzle.
2. AX9 Carpet Extractor
The AX9 is designed to clean almost any surface no matter how tough the access it will get into those tight crevices. That’s because it comes with a complete set of accessories to make the job easy. It provides total dryness with only one sweep. Complete with an ergonomic handle that makes moving it around more comfortable.
3. EAG 1400
The EAG 1400 is a commercial size carpet extractor that will clean up your commercial or home space. Built much like a wet/dry vac it has a dual two stage vacuum motor that provides maximum power. It has a 12 gallon solution tank as well as a 12 gallon recovery tank. The 8 large castor rear wheels, and 3 front castors make it easy to maneuver. It has a 25 foot cord so will reach and a 15 foot vacuum hose.
4. Admiral 8
The Admiral 8 comes with an ergonomic and adjustable handle with finger tip controls for operation. This no hose design makes it easy to fill and empty. It can also be purchased with the hard floor cleaning kit.
5. Ext 311 Extractor
The Ext 311 has a nice compact carpet extractor that pulls soil from the carpet effectively. The 2 stage vacuum motor, 10 foot hose, and a 9 inch and 10 inch heavy duty tool will clean any carpet easily. It has an 11 gallon solution tank and recover bucket can be removed to empty. Easy to roll along on the 2 inch casters.
6. The Speedster Carpet Extractor
The Speedster comes with 100 PSI solution pump and dual two stage vacuum motors that have a 150 degree water lift. The large rear wheels and grip handle makes this extractor easy to maneuver and move around.
7. Clean NB 48 Carpet Extractor
The NB 48 is complete with heat to dry up behind you. This commercial carpet extractor is one of the best sellers for professionals. 10 foot wand, 20 foot hose.
8. Harding 1408 Carpet Extractor
The Harding 1408 has a forward reverse brush action which gets down deep and takes less time to clean. It has an 8 gallon solution and recovery bladder as well as two sets of spray nozzles which work independently, and a 14 inch shoe. All lines are built inside so there are no outside lines. Comes complete with 40 foot chord.
These are 8 top carpet extractors but there are many many other excellent products on the market. The carpet extractor you choose will depend on how much carpet you have to clean, and how often. The one thing that has been proven over and over is that carpet extractors will extend the life of your carpets and keep them looking fresh and new.

7 Tips for Product Enhancement to Increase your Sales

7 Tips for Product Enhancement to Increase your Sales

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Everyone needs to know what business they’re in and they
need to be able to express that purpose in a few sentences
in their USA.
Using product enhancement towards helping with your current
mission statement, should help determine your business as a
leading provider. For ex; if you’re a plumber, you’re not
in the business of plumbing. If you’re a carpet cleaner,
you’re not in the business of carpet cleaning. You’re in
the business of marketing plumbing or marketing carpet
cleaning services.
Your mission statement is what is best for you. You can
constantly measure all of your activities then to the
mission of your company. You can further measure the
success by the success of your clients or customers. The
more successful your customers are in getting the benefits
from you, the more successful you will be in growing your
If you’re currently not generating the volume of business
you want, your customers aren’t purchasing as much as you
want them to.
Here’s an exercise that you should go through periodically
to evaluate ways you can make your product or service
better, and thereby either increase sales or extend your
product or service life cycle.
Get out a piece of paper and answer the following questions.
1. Write down not what your product or service is, but the
need or desire of your target market that you have
2. Brainstorm other ways to fulfill that need in ways other
than through the use of your current product or service.
3. List all the obvious and not so-obvious features of your
product or service.
4. Enhance your product or service with alternative ways to
fulfill your customer’s needs based on the ways you
Brainstormed in #2.
5. Identify your USA versus your competitor’s and any other
alternative products or services.
6. Create five different front and back-end up sell
scenarios for each product and service you intend to offer.
You can encompass one of these attributes in each sale
scenario that you come up with.
7. Determine how best to incorporate incentives for getting
your prospects to buy. You want them to buy, buy now, and
buy from you.
Don’t limit yourself to the list below, but here are some
additional ways you can begin.
These are reasons customers
typically patronize a certain business. Identify major
sales advantages that you have over your competition.
Low price Top quality convenient location Friendly
employees Knowledgeable employees Nice business
surroundings Fair credit or return policy Good selection
Convenient hours
The important thing about running a small business is to
know the direction in which you’re heading; to know on a
day-to-day basis your progress in that very direction; to
be aware of what your competitors are doing and to practice
good money management at all times. All this will prepare
you to recognize potential problems before they arise.
In order to survive with a small business, regardless of
the economic climate, it is essential to surround yourself
with smart people, and practice sound business management
at all times.
By Abe Cherian
Copyright © 2005
You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on
your web site as long as the byline is included and the
article is included in it’s entirety. I also ask that you
activate any html links found in the article and in the
byline. Please send a courtesy link or email where you
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Give Your Room A Make Over With Sisal Rugs

Give Your Room A Make Over With Sisal Rugs

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If you are looking to remodel and give your room a face lift by bringing it into the 21st century then you should have a look at Sisal rugs which are the perfect solution. They are affordable and will make your room beautiful. Why not give your room a make over with Sisal rugs.
The Agave sisalan cactus is used in the production of Sisal and it is found in brazil and Africa. Its long fine fibrous qualities allow it to be spun into a smooth but textured yarn. The fibers are tough and they are durable making Sisal rugs a versatile choice for any room and a perfect choice for high traffic areas.
Like wool it has natural anti static qualities and it is fire retardant and long wearing fibers. It’s natural colors range from creamy white to pale yellow but may be dyed a variety of colors. The natural colors are beautiful on their own. Your Sisal rugs will also breath so they are great for regulating the humidity level in your room.
Sisal can also be blended with wool to may a hybrid type rug. It’s an excellent match giving you the top qualities of both textile fibers.
Caring for your Sisal carpet is very similar to caring for an Oriental rug. If it is located in a high traffic area you should vacuum it daily. If it is in a lower traffic area then you can vacuum it less often. Stains needed to be acted on very quickly so as to not set into the carber. Do not soak these rugs as they will retain a water stain after cleaning. You need to purchase carpet cleaner that is specifically designed for Sisal rugs.
Sisal rugs have become so popular because they are so versatile and so durable. Most often they are used to as a cover or focal point on hardwood floors but they can be used over carpet, linoleum, or any other way you wish. They also work very well to hide wear or stains on the main carpet. Stains and wear usually occur in the high traffic areas which is also usually a great place to put a rug giving you a new look to your room while covering the wear.
There are many styles, sizes, shapes, colors, and textures in Sisal rugs. They can be used to give a room a facelift, a new focal point, hide wear. They look great in the center of a living room, near a fireplace, under a dining room table, or in a bathroom or bedroom.
An ancient technique with a very modern and contemporary style makes it a perfect choice for a modern contermporary room. If you are looking to create a warm and inviting environment the Sisal rugs can do that for you too.
Because they are easy to maintain and because they are so durable they are a great choice for heavy traffic areas.
They can take quite a beating and still look fresh and new.
You’ll find many home builders choosing Sisal rugs to accent the tile or hardwood. They are the favorite choice over Oriental or Persian rugs because they are so affordable and they fit so well into a contemporary room.
So whether you are building a new home and adding rugs or giving a room a facelift be sure to consider Sisal rugs. They are great value for the price!

Wool Carpeting For Your Home

Wool Carpeting For Your Home

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There is nothing quite as luxurious as having wool carpeting in your home. Although is a definite luxury, wool carpeting is also a lasting value. A wool carpet will cost more at the time of installation, but over the years a resilient wool carpet will prove itself to be a lasting value far superior to other types of carpeting. No man made fiber rug can come close to wool superior rich look and feel.

Wool is a prized natural fiber that has many attributes that lends itself to quality carpet making. Wool is non allergenic, which can be a very important consideration to some who may deal with allergies or children with asthma. It does not promote the growth of dust mites or bacteria and has no harmful emissions as do man made carpet fibers. It is naturally soil resistant. Wool is naturally flame retardant. The fibers of wool have a natural superior long term appearance retention which is why wool carpets don’t age as quickly as man made fiber carpets. The wool fibers don’t crush or break down under use as man made carpet fibers do.

Along with the above natural attributes of wool over man made carpet there is also wool’s natural ability to absorb and retain colors. As it is a natural fiber wool is able to capture clearer colors than synthetic fabrics. Also as anyone who has a synthetic carpet knows, synthetic carpets requires frequent cleanings, and, after cleaning some man made fibers such as olefin, nylon and polyester actually develop graying in traffic areas and actually look worse than before they were cleaned. This will not happen with wool carpeting.

As with any carpet, a cleaning schedule will help to extend the life of your wool carpeting. Many different methods can be used on wool carpeting such as spray extracting, rotary shampooing or foam, use of dry powder or factory cleaning (in the case of area rugs, such as oriental rugs).

You may want to consider a wool carpet when buying new, or replacing existing carpeting. If you can’t afford to carpet your entire house with wool then carpet the room that will receive the heaviest traffic, such as your living room or family room. You’ll be glad you did.

Easy Ways To Start Saving Money

Easy Ways To Start Saving Money

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We have all experienced getting so far in debt we don’t know how we’re going to get out.
There are many different options that you have for quick relief with benefits and consequences.

You can achieve more than 100% returns on your money simply by paying extra money on your mortgage each month or as often as you like.

Debt is a hard thing to live with, reduce debts today! Before a debt can be had, both the debtor and the creditor must agree on the manner in which the debt will be repaid, known as the standard of deferred payment. This payment is usually denominated as a sum of money in units of currency, but can sometimes be denominated in terms of goods. Payment can be made in increments over a period of time, or all at once at the end of the loan agreement.

For many Americans debt is an overwhelming problem, a stressor that can quickly take hold of one’s life. When there are bills attached to house, boat, automobiles, college tuition, and daycare, it’s not hard to imagine that many folks can quickly be swept under the current of spending which can unexpectedly whirl into deep debt.

Easy Ways to Start Saving Money

Yeah, yeah.. You won’t be able to bring your money with you to the grave. But you will also be nearer to being six feet underground if you don’t have money. So better start knowing how to handle your finances, right? Many people don’t want to embark on this endeavor either because they don’t want to be perceived as stingy or they simply feel deprived when they don’t acquire what use to satisfy their whims. But if you don’t start learning how to unlearn your crappy bigspender deeds, you might be found lying on the sidewalk soon. Do you want that to happen? Definitely NOT, right? So here’s what you could do to avoid becoming one of those pitiful beggars:

Spare Change Matters

Never loose those spare coins because they matter if you try saving them in a cookie jar or in any container you don’t use. Believe it or not, there are some people who have made their dream vacation come true just through their loose coin savings. After a day’s work, how about putting all your loose coins in a jar? You can also purchase a cheap piggy bank. The glass made ones are advisable since it will avoid you from breaking it too soon unlike the plastic ones which you can open anytime you can’t get over the temptation.

Let Technology Help You

Manually doing the depositing of money to your savings account could be a bit tedious for many. However, if you let the advancement of technology lend you a hand, you can easily do that by setting up an automatic transfer from your checking account to your savings account. Online banking has made it well-facilitated too for the savings-savvy but lazy people out there. You can just log in through your Internet-connected computer and do an online transfer to your savings account. One more way to explore the potential of the Internet to let you save is through traveling cheap with the help of online scourers for cheap flights. Just key in “travel cheap search engines” and you’ll see thousands of results that will lead you to a non-bank-breaking travel arrangement. The Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) reports that calls from people worried about debt have been increased by 50% compared with last year.

Individuals or families in debt run the risk of loosing their home, vehicles, or other assets. Many of those who do not own a home or other obtainable assets are likely to never be able to own one.

Start with a weekly budget plan and then work your way toward a monthly plan. Once you have a budget plan set up check the balance in each checking, saving or money marketing account regularly. Find out how long it will take to become debt free and how much you’ll pay in interest by making the minimum monthly payments.

There are a number of different types of debt consolidation loans: home equity loan, line of credit, or second mortgage.

Learn the Trading Game

Ever did baby-sitting for your neighbors during teen years? You can still do that now while saving. Who would’ve known that keeping an eye on an extra kid while playing with your own kids will save you some bucks? How? Trade services by having a free ride to your office in exchange for a simple babysitting favor. Do you pack lunch for your hubby? Ask if he knows some office friends who would like have brown-bagged food prepared in exchange for a ride home. You might even turn those little favors into small businesses.

Save Electricity While Living in the City

You don’t have to forget about the urban life while saving. You can do away with some of the electrical appliances, though. Instead of using a vacuum cleaner in cleaning your carpets, a carpet sweeper can do the job just as well. Lawn mowing can be done manually through the help of Edward Scissorhands, er, a pair of shears and maybe an extra pair of hands. You can even use the manual lawn mowing as a bonding time with your partner. Just be a tad more creative than the usual and you’ll see how you can save in the process.

Entertainment is Cheap, NOT

Maybe you’re used to having a late night out with your partner almost weekly to unwind. If you’re into fine dining, how about learning how to prepare one romantic candle-lit dinner yourself? Aside from the skills you will hone, your partner will surely have another good-cookie point recorded for you. If you’re into going to last full shows watching movies, you can save and be better entertained by reading reviews online first before going to just about any movie that’s being shown. Reviews can have a big impact on your itch to watch. And, would you like to save big time? Avoid being a couch potato! Watching TV can make you succumb to impulse purchases.

These can’t be carried out quite well without a good amount of self-discipline, of course. Also, taking that first step will jumpstart your saving feat. Goodluck and start saving TODAY!

Another alternative is a Personal Loan or Debt

Consolidation Loan. This is one large loan to pay off smaller loans or debts. With one large loan, you will normally have a lower percentage rate and a longer pay off period.

A debt consolidation loan is an option. But a debt consolidation loan might not be right for you. You might be able to consolidate debt, even credit card debt, with a remortgage. The prospects of managing financial obligations have just gotten worse, as Congress has passed legislation that will make bankruptcy filings more difficult than ever.

Whatever your motivations, a decision to consolidate debt online may be the solution but before you make your decision or offer detailed personal information to debt consolidation companies check to see what they have to offer.

Steps That Will Make It Easy For You To Sell Your Home In The Real Estate Market

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Perhaps you want to be more involved in the sale of your home.
Or maybe you are looking to make some money from buying and selling real estate. You can learn how to buy homes for a reasonable price and then sell them at a profit. If you want to know how to get started selling real estate, then follow the tips in this article.

Less is more when selling your home in todays real estate market. Move any furniture that is not needed including photographs and knick-knacks into storage. This way, potential buyers will be able to better visualize their furniture in the home. Remember that your taste may not necessarily be loved by everyone else.

If you are selling your home, be sure to increase curb appeal by keeping the yard, walkways and drive clutter free and well-groomed. If you have already moved to your new home, check your old home from time-to-time to make sure it looks inviting. If you have moved far away, hire a service to keep things tidy.

As a seller, before showing your home to anyone, be sure to have it professionally cleaned. Cleaning the home yourself is an option, but you want to put your best foot forward so that any prospective buyer can imagine his or her family in the home. A professional cleaner will give your house a deep cleaning, without damaging anything. This will let you focus on other aspects of the sale.

Making a few changes to your windows and doors will help you sell your home faster. These features are one of the first things a buyer sees as they pull up to your residence. Cleaning them up and giving them a fresh appearance makes your entire home look newer. Consider painting, replacing or adding curtains to the windows.

Have a time line for when you want to move. If you have a buyer who needs to move in right away, and is willing to pay a littler higher price to do so, it might be in your best interest to rent a small apartment for a couple of months.

Appeal to tech-savvy and younger prospective home buyers by including video tours and panoramic views of your property. These need not be very lengthy or elaborate, but should load quickly and change seamlessly from one room to the next. Offering a full 360 degree view can help to highlight the most attractive areas of the house.

Selling a home in today’s market is going to be far more difficult than it has been in past years. The home values are not as they used to be so if you are trying to sell your home at the prices that the assessor tells you it is worth, there is a good chance that you will be stuck with it for a while. Reduce the price a bit and you should be able to move on.

If you follow the tips that were provided in the article above, then you can start selling real estate and begin generating profits. At the very least, you can speed up the sale of your own home. You can also make sure that your realtor is doing all that he can.

Commercial Cleaning Companies – A Strategy For The Future

Commercial Cleaning Companies – A Strategy For The Future

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A previous article looked at this in general terms with regard to a start up cleaning company.
This article will concentrate on a strategy for an established company to follow if it wants to be even more successful and continue expanding into the future.

The nature of cleaning is changing and the criteria companies use to choose their cleaners is also changing. Little by little companies are realising that it is more economical and administratively easier to find a cleaning company that can meet all their cleaning requirements.

Very few cleaning companies are able to do this or have wanted to do so in the past. They have chosen to concentrate on a particular specialism and develop that. So we have firms that are office cleaners, carpet cleaners, window cleaners, stone cleaners, kitchen cleaners, and ventilation duct cleaners to name but a few. Each of these builds up their own particular client base and their only way of growing is to expand their area of coverage. Many cleaning companies are reluctant to do this and consequently their potential for growth is limited. A large proportion of these companies are run by a single person who is quite happy to restrict themselves to a physically manageable area and manage a finite number of clients. However if you own and operate a company or want to start a cleaning company that has wider visions then you have an opportunity to take advantage of the changing market place.

The medium and larger sized companies and corporations are now beginning to look for cleaning companies that can provide them with all the cleaning services they require. From the simple and straightforward office cleaning on a daily basis to the six monthly or yearly cleaning of their ventilation ducts. If the cleaning company wishes to take advantage of this and gain corporate clients then it must expand its areas of expertise. If the financial burden of doing this is too great for the company to bear then the alternative is to find other firms who specialise in these various areas and work together either as partnerships or sub-contract out these fields of specialist cleaning. Sub-contracting has its pitfalls and to a large extent should be avoided if possible but it is a way into this new market place until you can develop your own expertise.

Companies working together in some form of partnership who share the same goals is a better solution but ultimately it is better if your own company can develop within these various areas and then you have complete control without the concern and constant anxiety of being ‘let down’. Become an expert in carpet cleaning, window cleaning, deep cleaning of commercial kitchens and ventilation duct cleaning. That way you can offer your prospective clients the complete cleaning package, increase your turnover and continue to grow.

The Process of Car Interior Cleaning

The Process of Car Interior Cleaning

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Through time, your car’s interior could be accumulating more and more dirt inside.
In fact, you may never notice, however your interior could be suffering from too much baggage – dirt, sand, grime, food crumbs, wrappers, spills, and other things. And if everything accumulates, you might be finding a car interior that smells funny but also an interior that does not look nice. At all.

Cleaning can be something that you may not want to do. However, keep in mind that it would cost you a couple hundred in cash to have everything cleaned up by a professional service center. Remember, though, that you can actually do it yourself and just sacrifice a couple of hours to do this type of work. You will not need anything sophisticated or high technology. Just get out your vacuum cleaner and a couple of other household products and you will be on to a start to cleaning up your car’s interior.

You should first remove the floor mats from your car. Then, once outside, shake them off. Try to remove any kind of debris that could have stuck itself on them. Your car’s carpets are one of the most likely things where dirt gets accumulated.

After that task, use your vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Use this to vacuum any dirt on all the seats of your car. Pay close attention to the crevices and the spaces between the cushions. Dirt also likes to hide there. You would also need to carefully vacuum the bottom of your seats as well as the back. Be sure that before you do any vacuuming, your seats are free from trash and coins. These could clog up your vacuum and delay your interior cleaning duties. After that, it is time to turn your vacuuming to your car’s floor as well as the floor mats. When clean, put the floor mats back in.

Check your car seat cushions. If you see any stains, you can use a damp towel to apply carpet shampoo. However, make sure that you use only a small amount and work it up into a light lather. And when done, you can wipe the shampoo away. Let it dry.

As per your car’s windows and glass, you can use a window cleaner. A newspaper would do the best job in cleaning these.

And the best of it all, let the air in. This would throw away any kind of funny smell out of your car.

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